Whether you are new to writing manuscripts or a seasoned author, there is always room for improvement. For those who have hardly ever published an article in a peer-reviewed journal, writing a research article can be overwhelming. How do you start, and what needs to go in? Which parts do you write first, and what is the best way to present your data?  I can provide medical writing or editing services from start to finish.

Medical writing and editing

I can write the first draft of a manuscript for scientists and MDs who have lots of data but no time to write or who just hate writing (I know several). Or I can finish some of the half-written manuscripts that are piling up on your desk. For scientists for whom English is not their first language or the Latin alphabet is not even their first alphabet, writing in English can be challenging.

I can provide basic or in-depth editing to ensure the manuscript can be published in a good peer-reviewed journal.  A last polish of your manuscript before submitting it is not a bad idea either. I recently received a manuscript that was ´ready to be submitted´ to a high impact journal. When I read it, I found errors ranging from incorrect figure numbers to missing experiments in the materials and methods section. We all tend to overlook mistakes when we have looked at a manuscript a hundred times.

Submission of your manuscript

When you have written your manuscript, I can help you select a couple of peer-reviewed journals of which the scopes fit with the subject of your research. I can write a cover letter and submit the article for you. Once your manuscript has been peer-reviewed, I can help you revise the manuscript based on the reviewers´ comments and write a reply to the reviewers.

medical writing- publication examples

medical writing – image by Esther

Medical writing services I offer

Editing of manuscripts, from the last check just before submitting your manuscript to a journal to professional in-depth editing:

o             Basic editing: includes simple proofreading as well as basic editing to obtain a grammatically correct and professionally polished scientific document. This includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tense consistency, noun-verb agreement, and formatting consistency.

o             Advanced editing: In addition to the above basic editing service, I will edit the manuscript for clarity and style at the sentence level and rewrite sentences if necessary. Advanced editing includes editing at the document level, such as editing and reorganizing paragraphs to improve clarity, and suggesting changes in the presentation of tables and graphs.

Coaching the writing of articles and reviews. I can provide daily, weekly, or occasional feedback on your manuscript.

Statistical analysis of biological data and preparation of the accompanying graphs.

Graph and Table preparation or reformatting.

Submission of your manuscript for publication. I can also select potential journals,  format the manuscript according to the journal’s style, and write a cover letter.

You can always contact me to discuss what services you need, how much time it will take, and what the costs would be.