I provide medical writing and editing services for your manuscripts. In addition, I can prepare graphs and tables, format your manuscript, write the cover letter, select journals, and submit your manuscript. Because I enjoy helping others with their research and writing, I regularly write blogs about various topics that may be of help.

Writing manuscripts

I can help you write  a manuscript based on your data to ensure publication of your article or review in a good peer-reviewed, international journal. Coaching the writing and publication process is also an option.

Editing Manuscripts

From a last check just before submitting your manuscript to a journal, to professional in-depth editing.
Two types of editing are offered:
Basic editing, which includes simple proofreading as well as basic editing to obtain a grammatically correct and professionally polished scientific document. Includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tense consistency, noun-verb agreement, and formatting consistency.
Advanced editing, in which case, in addition to the above basic editing service, the manuscript will be edited for clarity and style at the sentence level and will include rewriting sentences. It also includes editing at the document level. May include significant editing and reorganization of paragraphs to improve clarity, as well as suggestions for a.o. additional research, and changes in presentation of tables and graphs.

Preparation for Publication

Formatting of your manuscript for submission according to the style of the target journal.
This will involve formatting the document and the references, and may also include journal selection, writing a cover letter and the whole process of submitting the article.

After peer review, we can revise a manuscript based on reviewers comments and write the letter to reply to the reviewers comments.