Links to sites with useful information for Medical writing

Links to sites with practical information for writing your manuscripts:

Selecting relevant journals, authors or articles based on your keywords or abstract: JANE

Beall´s list of predatory journals to avoid publishing in

Medical Dictionary: Medilexicon

Dictionary and Thesaurus: Merriam-Webster   Note: Merriam-Webster is also interesting to follow on twitter

´The Elements of Style´ the classic writing style guide by Strunk and White

Scientific journal ranking at Scimagojr and at Scopus

For free images of laboratory materials and equipment that you can use in protocols and presentations go to LabIcons 

See my blogs for additional links on various subjects, such as:  choosing reference management software, avoiding predatory journals, and selecting journals to publish in.

Miscellaneous links, not all science-related:

Handbook of Biological Statistics by John H McDonald

Thousands of videos explaining various scientific concepts or just showing some natural phenomenon

Also many lectures and courses from well known universities

A blog about plagiarism detection tools

Free PDF to Word converter

Links for writing in Dutch:

De  officiële spellinggids van het Nederlands, beter bekend als het ´Groene Boekje´ is hier te raadplegen, de regels staan in de Leidraad.

Omdat er sinds de herziening van het Groene Boekje in 2005 veel commentaar is op de nieuwe spelling (denk aan: pannenkoek) is er ook het ´Witte Boekje´ van het Genootschap Onze Taal. Voor hun advies over spelling, grammatica, schrijfstijl, etc kan je kijken op OnzeTaal.